CRM Client Relationship Management

The goal of the seminar is to transmit to the participants both the practical and theoretical skills which are necessary for creating a competitive advantage by bringing customer centricity to the core of operations.

The participants will be informed about the general aspects, benefits and key elements of CRM, learn about the strategic goals of CRM and gain practical knowledge about the successful "Relationship management process in practice". 

All participants get involved, will work in small groups and will take part actively and creatively. The seminar provides an opportunity for an international exchange of experience in the field of future oriented CRM Customer relationship management.

- Overview about current banking market environment - Changing the paradigm
- "Banking of the future" to be orchestrator or supplier
- How can banks achieve "client centricity"?
- Product offering at present and in future - Acquire new business
- Client journey - Client relationship management cycle - Responsibilities
- Role of Branch Managers at present and in the future
- Achieving team goals - Business planning - Change culture - Market and client segmentation - Dimensions CRM performance
- Share of wallet - share of mind? Conduction acquisitions

Der Referent:

- Roland Kupka, Consultant, Dreieich

Veranstaltungsort: Mercure Hotel Kaiserhof Frankfurt City Center
Kontakt: Carolina Menges, +49 6221 500-800, [email protected]